Or spend the winter in a van?

Or spend the winter in a van?


Today we go, you offer spots or spend the winter in van fitted out in Europe. First, we will look at the spots in France and then we will go to our Portuguese friends to finish with Italy.


The spots in France!

To start, Who says winter, says cold, snow or relaxing landscape. We will therefore give you some ideas for starting a van during this winter period. First, we recommend our beautiful mountain range not far from Bordeaux «the Pyrenees». Between ski resorts and cave, you will be only raving.

First, stop at the Cauterets waterfalls in the Hautes-Pyrénées, this place will take your breath away. Its lush landscapes and waterfalls inscribed in the Pyrenees Natural Park, a walk is necessary to reach the bridge of Spain. Count about 2 hours and don’t forget to cover yourself.

We also recommend the lakes of the Neouvielle massif which is full of spectacular scenery. Located between Aragnouet and Saint-Lary, its fairy landscapes will delight young and old, thanks to its wealth of flora and fauna. Spread over more than 25 km and culminated at nearly 3,192 meters. It is a limestone and granite massif that are rocked by various lakes such as Oredon Lake, Aumar Lake or Aubert Lake.

We are heading to Portugal to discover this beautiful country!


The spots in Portugal!

Portugal is known for its surf spots, cliffs close to the ocean and typical cities.

We will start with Lagos, one of the most beautiful cities in the Algarve, with its multicolored cliffs and rock formations emerging from the water. Plan to cover yourself anyway, for even more visits, opt for the visit of the cave.
Between local markets and walks along the cliffs, your Instagram account will be the most beautiful.

Thus, we continue our journey in Portugal through the park of Arrabida, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal!
Between the mountain massif and covered with greenery and the steep cliffs plunging into the turquoise water, you will be captivated.
Located about forty kilometers from Lisbon, the change of scenery will be at the rendezvous!
The nicest places are the Arrabida convent, with its white stones overlooking the Atlantic mother and lost in the maquis. In addition you can visit the lapa de santa Margarida cave is a historical jewel that offers you an incredible spectacle.

A little trip to our Italian neighbors? let’s go!

The Italian spots!

The Lake of Come called Lago called Como in Italian is a lake of more than 145 km2 located 45 km north of Milan.
It is a breathtaking lake between strolling and discovering the small villages around, your journey in the heart of Italy will be most dazzling.
Classified as one of the most beautiful lake in the world, it is a spot to discover, between idleness and discovery of the local culture, you will not be disappointed.

Want to rest? Choose the thermal baths of Tuscany.
The warm waters of the Saturnia baths await you after a day exploring the area.
Used for centuries, the thermal baths offer a just grandiose landscape thanks to its open-air pools.
In addition to the thermal baths, you can enjoy the Moulin waterfalls, dig in the rock and forming swimming pools on several levels, this place will enchant you.

At the end of this journey, Vintage Camper wishes you a pleasant holiday season and hopes to meet you soon for new adventures.

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