“i want live with you unforgettable adventures in Aquitaine or somewhere else!”

“Blue Riviera” was born in 1973 in United States of America, in the Colorado more exactly. This combi wasn’t transform by Westfalia but by “Riviera”, an American equipment manufacturer. As his friends combi, he’s so equipped with some gas, kitchen sink, refrigerator, dishes and of 4 sleepings around. He has already well travelled but as his first owners really took care he’s still in original paint!

Type : camper bay-window westfalia
Year : 1973
Size : 4.20*1.98*1.65
Motor : 1700
Gas : essence sans plomb 98
Consuption : 12L / 100km
Speed : 80KM / h
Bed people : 4
Number of seats : 4

<a class="rf_bouton" href="#demande-resa"><img alt="Vintage Camper" src="/assets/reservation-combi-vw.png" /></a>
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