” I lived long time ago in California without travelling a lot what explains my excellent state of preservation … Today thanks to Vintage Camper I saw a second youth, then do not hesitate to rent me for a weekend or better one week with me as guide!!! “

“Pistache” is a campervan Volkswagen which asks only to travel with the beloved one or in family can he matter since he discovers numerous landscapes … This vintage combi loves the small roads of Dordogne or Landes; but he don’t refuse either the coastal roads of Gironde or the Basque Country.
He’s equiped with 4 really sleepings around, a gas, a kitchen sink, a refrigerator and of the dishes!

Type : camper bay-window westfalia
Year : 1975
Size : 4.20*1.98*1.65
Motor : 2l
Gas : essence sans plomb 98
Consuption : 12L / 100km
Speed : 80KM / h
Bed people : 4
Number of seats : 4

Vintage Camper