“After living in Mexico, i was going in Bordeaux to discover the castles of Médoc, the Arcachon basin or all other tourist places of Aquitaine! thanks to my 9 seats i can transport a lot of friends or a big family I really like to wear groups of friends for life funerals of young girls (evjf) to do fun and original activities “

As his friend “Petite Olive” this van have 9 seats; this minibus is perfect to wedding day or visit our country.

It’s a beautiful van with a mytical head and a blue color!


Type : combi bay window t2 minibus
Year : 1978
Size : 4.20*1.95*1.65
Engine : 1600
Gaz : essence sans plomb 98
Consumption : 12L / 100km
Speed : 80KM / h
Bed place : 0
Seat : 9
Vintage Camper
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