“I love Brittany with numerous landscapes varied so I ask only to travel the Brittany roads with you!”

I crossed a lot of California roads during more than 30 years before being imported from the USA to France in 2011. With this time, I had a new paint, I was a ” champagne edition ” before and now i’m orange which is worth to me my name: Pumpkin Bus. I went out of factory on July 1st, 1978 to San Francisco, I have just had 40 years! Inheritance of my frst country, my odometer is in miles. I am equipped with a Type 4, an engine of 2 liters, the most powerful of engines gone up on combis. I wait you for the beginning of the road-trip combi for VW between friends or in family.I give the smile to many people who I meet.

Type : camper bay-window westfalia
Year : 1978
Size : 4.20*1.98*1.65
Motor : 2l
Gas : essence sans plomb 98
Consuption : 12L / 100km
Speed : 80KM / h
Bed people : 4
Number of seats : 5

Vintage Camper
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