“More motivated than never, I wait you to make me discover the surroundings of Bordeaux and give me the opportunity to take advantage of this new chapter of my history.”

Now you can rent an old camper combi Split Westfalia with or without a driver

This Split campervan was born in Colorado in United States. Little by little the need for change grew up at his home. Some of his friends combis had spoken him of this continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Without further delay, he sneaked in a container and here he is just arrived in the team of Vintage Camper Bordeaux.

Type : camper split westfalia
Year : 1966
Size : 4.20*1.98*1.65
Motor : 1600
Gas : essence sans plomb 98
Consuption : 12L / 100km
Speed : 80KM / h
Bed people : 2
Number of seats : 4

Vintage Camper
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