“Regonflé à bloc, je débarque tout droit du Mexique où je me suis refait une beauté, pour vous faire découvrir, avec mon plus beau sourire, le Jura et la Suisse !!”


“After living in Mexico, i was going in Bordeaux to discover the castles of Médoc, the Arcachon basin or all other tourist place of Aquitaine! thanks to my 9 seats i can transport a lot of friends or a big family i like transport friends or tourist for a bachelor or holiday day

Granpa Surfer

«Now, i go to a lot of events. I like shooting in movies, clip or other… I give great pleasure to new lovers just married. I wait you for news adventures !!! » Granpa surfeur

This kombi VW is perfect for events!!

Westy Got

“I ask only to travel with you, I love free camping but I also like the comfort of the classic campsites. We candiscover together new landscapes!”


” I lived long time ago in California without travelling a lot what explains my excellent state of preservation … Today thanks to Vintage Camper I saw a second youth, then do not hesitate to rent me for a weekend or better one week with me as guide!!! “


“I come from California and i would like visit the southwest of France with you! Indeed I wonder what looks like the coast from the Landes, the beaches of the Gironde, the Bay of Arcachon, the Basque Country or the Dordogne … Who shows me this?”


“Directly imported from California, I want to share you my experience of campsite and my dream of freedom!”

Petite Olive

“I spent a great deal of my life transporting my former owners for daily commuting and some sightseeing trips to Mexico. Now that I am in Aquitaine, I only ask to discover the region, go surfing the Landes or Basque coast, kayak in the Dordogne or visit the castles of the Médoc!!! Thanks to my 9 seats more need to take several cars to carry a bunch of buddies, a group of young girls celebrating their funerals of bachelor life or simply to carry a large family “