Guard you my car during the rent?
Yes, without problem
How to make if I went to Rennes or Bordeaux without car?
We can go to the station or airport of Rennes or Bordeaux to look for you if you tell us in advance
How many kilometers we can do?

You can do 500km per weekend and 750km per week. In more, the extra km is 0.47€

How many people can sleep into the van?
It depends of the bus. You must read the data sheet of the camper. But if you missed a bed, we propose to you a tent.
What condition do I have to rent a camper?
The drivers must have a driving license since 5 years.
Which documents I have to supply?
You must give a copy of your driving license (valid since 5 years ago), a proof of your address. More, we will take 2000€ in pledge.
How and when can I join you?
You can join us by phone in day or if we are absent you can contact us by mail. We shall answer the more quickly possible
Is there a cigarette lighter in the camper van?
yes, all of them
Is there a shower in the camper?
No but you rent a sun shower (see on accessories)
Is there a stereo system in the Vw bus?
Yes there is a radio CD with link to mp3
Do you need a special driver's license
No, you need only the car driver’s license since 5 years
How drive this bus?
It’s easy to drive these vans because they are handy. With their low height, you can pass everywhere.
Kombi have toilets?
No but Chemicals toilets are in rent
Which is the height of vintage camper?
All vans of Vintage Camper are lower of 2 meters
What is the high speed of the VW bus?
It’s holidays, then, take a time of our amazing country and drive quietly!!!
What is the gas consumption?
They need of 10litters of gas for 100 km. It’s not enormous. Moreover you don’t pay hotel
How to park with a camper? Which are the limitations?
You can park it without authorization almost everywhere. But according with the period and the place, municipalities can limit the park.
You can also take advantage of numerous area’s campers and campsites.
How I do in case of breakdown?
It’s advised to call us quickly and call assistance if necessary. Don’t repair the bus without our agreement.
Is there any support in case of failure?
The legendary reliability of the combi vw bus will allow you to travel with confidence. But in case of trouble we operate 24/24, 7 / 7. In addition our insurance provides free assistance.
what time does it take the camper van?
In high season, the week begin the saturday 12h to the friday evening, and the weekend begin the friday 12h to sunday evening.
But you can change these day / hour in low season
what is the high season?
the high season is from may to september.
Faites vous des coffrets cadeaux ?
Oui, effectivement nous pouvons faire de bons cadeaux pour offrir une location à un anniversaire, noël ou autre !