How to prepare your summer in a van?

How to prepare your summer in a van?

Friends Camper Hello!


Today we will give you some tips to prepare his summer in a van!

Starting in January, it is important to choose your type of van, route, rest areas, etc.

We are here to help!

The type of van!

First, it is essential to choose a van that suits you and your expectations.
If there are only two of you, a T6 Volkswagen-style van will be ideal for a wilderness excursion.
If you are a family of 4 or less, the van T6 California can satisfy you with its 4 beds.
For a larger family or a large group of friends, you should prefer a two T6 California vans.

If you prefer the old one, we offer vintage combi rentals. The T2 camper will have no secrets for you after tasting the 70’s combi.
Between idleness and childhood, everyone will be in paradise.

Your road trip!

After choosing your van, you have to look at the destination or destinations!
We recommend several destinations to do in summer as in winter by clicking here and here!
Nevertheless, you will have to leave with a specific plan, especially if you rent a van. Mileage is limited and therefore some areas are impossible to access.
For a summer under the sun and rocking by the ocean, Portugal remains the best option.
If you want a change of scenery while staying in our beautiful country, the southwest region is just ideal.
If your adventure dream continues, opt for a walk between lake and mountain near the Swiss Alps!
Pay attention to the mileage! Plan the way, but especially the way back.


The places of rest!

Finally, choose your parking lots carefully for sleeping!
The most are the specialized and secure campsites for restful nights.
If you prefer adventure, wilderness camping can nevertheless be done in some areas, it is illegal and therefore you will not be welcome in some places.

The goal is to wake up in front of the ocean or mountains, but don’t forget to respect the safety rules! Learn about the sites of the government or regions to not know more.

Pay attention to the parking lot that lowers their barrier to 1m90 or 80, the passage of the van will be impossible! Check well before you jump headfirst.


For any information about the rentals do not hesitate to contact us!

If you want to know more about our vehicles click here!

Friendly Vintage Camper !

How to spend the winter in a fitted van?

How to spend the winter in a fitted van?

How to spend the winter in a fitted van?


Today at Vintage Camper, we give you tips for preparing your winter in a fitted van. Winter rhymes with cold, rain and magical scenery!


Choose your fitted van!

To start a winter in a van, opt for a recent van with a stationary heating as well as a rather large cabin to avoid being cramped. The Volkswagen T6 California are the best placed, unfortunately the shower is not inside as well as the sanitary facilities, so it will be necessary to find suitable places.

In addition, the driving must be simple and fluid, all that corresponds to the T6 California, a technology of the latest is recommended to spend a winter in total serenity. Thus on some vans, the store option is available for rainy or frost weather, this is appreciated for lunch in front of nature or even sheltered its objects.

The T6 California also has 4 beds, a double bed in the hood and a sofa bed downstairs. This makes it easier to store your belongings and thus use for the night than a single space! No worries for sleeping upstairs, heating is present throughout the cabin.

Prepare your winter!

At Vintage Camper, we provide dishes, cutlery, plates, glass and kitchen utensils.
For example, you need sleeping bags or duvets to keep you warm all night.
The shape memory mattresses will make you spend a sweet and pleasant night.
Pack some warm clothes anyway. We advise you to bring hiking bags or non-rigid bags to be able to store them more easily in the cabin and therefore not lose any living space.
The multiple storage units will be used as storage for sheets or blankets.
If you go together, you go a little tight, but if you go with 4, the cabin will be small especially in rainy weather.

In addition, it is better to cook hot food or with little smell. This will avoid embalming the living space without opening the windows to keep the heat.
The fridge that is available will keep your produce fresh for a while as well as storage for food.



Now you are ready to face winter in Van.
For all information about a rental, click here!

En route for new adventures and happy holidays.


Friendly Vintage Camper !


Or spend the winter in a van?

Or spend the winter in a van?

Or spend the winter in a van?


Today we go, you offer spots or spend the winter in van fitted out in Europe. First, we will look at the spots in France and then we will go to our Portuguese friends to finish with Italy.


The spots in France!

To start, Who says winter, says cold, snow or relaxing landscape. We will therefore give you some ideas for starting a van during this winter period. First, we recommend our beautiful mountain range not far from Bordeaux «the Pyrenees». Between ski resorts and cave, you will be only raving.

First, stop at the Cauterets waterfalls in the Hautes-Pyrénées, this place will take your breath away. Its lush landscapes and waterfalls inscribed in the Pyrenees Natural Park, a walk is necessary to reach the bridge of Spain. Count about 2 hours and don’t forget to cover yourself.

We also recommend the lakes of the Neouvielle massif which is full of spectacular scenery. Located between Aragnouet and Saint-Lary, its fairy landscapes will delight young and old, thanks to its wealth of flora and fauna. Spread over more than 25 km and culminated at nearly 3,192 meters. It is a limestone and granite massif that are rocked by various lakes such as Oredon Lake, Aumar Lake or Aubert Lake.

We are heading to Portugal to discover this beautiful country!


The spots in Portugal!

Portugal is known for its surf spots, cliffs close to the ocean and typical cities.

We will start with Lagos, one of the most beautiful cities in the Algarve, with its multicolored cliffs and rock formations emerging from the water. Plan to cover yourself anyway, for even more visits, opt for the visit of the cave.
Between local markets and walks along the cliffs, your Instagram account will be the most beautiful.

Thus, we continue our journey in Portugal through the park of Arrabida, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal!
Between the mountain massif and covered with greenery and the steep cliffs plunging into the turquoise water, you will be captivated.
Located about forty kilometers from Lisbon, the change of scenery will be at the rendezvous!
The nicest places are the Arrabida convent, with its white stones overlooking the Atlantic mother and lost in the maquis. In addition you can visit the lapa de santa Margarida cave is a historical jewel that offers you an incredible spectacle.

A little trip to our Italian neighbors? let’s go!

The Italian spots!

The Lake of Come called Lago called Como in Italian is a lake of more than 145 km2 located 45 km north of Milan.
It is a breathtaking lake between strolling and discovering the small villages around, your journey in the heart of Italy will be most dazzling.
Classified as one of the most beautiful lake in the world, it is a spot to discover, between idleness and discovery of the local culture, you will not be disappointed.

Want to rest? Choose the thermal baths of Tuscany.
The warm waters of the Saturnia baths await you after a day exploring the area.
Used for centuries, the thermal baths offer a just grandiose landscape thanks to its open-air pools.
In addition to the thermal baths, you can enjoy the Moulin waterfalls, dig in the rock and forming swimming pools on several levels, this place will enchant you.

At the end of this journey, Vintage Camper wishes you a pleasant holiday season and hopes to meet you soon for new adventures.

For all bookings click here.

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Gift cards for the holidays at Vintage Camper

Gift cards for the holidays at Vintage Camper

Friendly Camper, bonjour !

At Vintage Camper, we offer several holiday offers!

A desire for adventure and discovery is possible thanks to Vintage Camper, your rental of Vans and combi in Bordeaux


Give your loved ones an unusual adventure!

For this end of the year, Vintage Camper offers gift cards valid for 2 years, to delight your family or loved ones.

You can find the gift cards on our website or by email.
As for our gift cards, there are several possibilities.

You can choose a weekend rental in low or high season to discover the surroundings and disconnect.
The weekend rental is appreciated to go to the Arcachon basin, discover the Atlantic coast or get closer to our neighboring countries!

We also offer a weekly offer in low and high season. This offer is interesting for a week of idleness in our beautiful country or discover more unexpected places such as our Spanish friends .

Finally, at Vintage Camper, we also offer gift cards with an amount you can choose without a price limit.

So all available gift cards are on the T2 (vintage) combi rental or on the Volkswagen T6 California.

The end of the year celebrations are approaching, if you want to make discover or yourself discover the Van Life style, it is possible at Vintage Camper.

More surprises to come at Vintage Camper, stay tuned!


We remain available for any type of request.

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How much does a T6 rental at Vintage Camper cost?

How much does a T6 rental at Vintage Camper cost?


Friendly Camper Bonjour !


Today we will compare our prices to those of our competitors on the fitted van rental!

Vintage Camper is family!

At Vintage Camper, we are in contact with customers and take the time to introduce you to each vehicle. We rent our vehicles on weekends or weekdays in high and low season, and we rent Camper T2 (vintage), Volkswagen T6 and vintage cars.

We’re going to look at the newer vehicles, the T6 Volkswagen California coast.

The locations !

Regarding our rentals on the Volkswagen T6 California Coast, we offer several colors.They are furnished with 4 beds, a sink, a hob and dishes provided.

Our Volkswagen T6 California are available with a mileage of 300 km per day including all-risk insurance.

At first, we will see the low season.Vintage Camper offers the California Coast for a weekend from Friday to Sunday included. It takes about 350 € for the weekend for 300 km per day and add 0.25€/km extra, which remains in the prices compared to other van rental companies in the region.

You are going to tell us that our van rental friends are also well placed, but we have the 50 € cleaning which is the cheapest on the market. While in our competitors, it takes about 10 to 15 € more for the household formula. For info the household formula reaches even 100€ at Roadsurfer. Thus, for a week in low season, it is necessary to count 690 € for 300 km per day with either the cleaning package and options that can be added as:

A shower cabin, a dry toilet, a bike carrier, etc… A rental from the train station or the airport is also available as an option.

Regarding the low season, Vintage Camper remains one of the best placed rental companies in terms of prices and rental options.

We continue on the high season at Vintage Camper.

For a weekend in high season with the same options as in low season. It takes about 390 € for a weekend between May and June. In July, it will take 480 € for the weekend and in August, we do not offer weekend rentals.

Thus, for weeks in high season, it will be necessary to count : 790 € for a week between May and June, 880 € for a week in July and 1050 € for a week in August.

Rentals in high season can be made from a week, depending on the months. On these summer rentals Vintage Camper remains the best placed with its inexpensive options and an interesting mileage package.

Finally, if you want to know more about our models or rentals, click here!

To discover our Volkswagen T6 California Coast, just click here!

We look forward to seeing you at Vintage Camper.


Friendly Vintage Camper !

An electric combi at Volkswagen? L’ID BUZZ !

An electric combi at Volkswagen? L’ID BUZZ !


Last Thursday, Vintage camper was able to try the new Volkswagen BUZZ ID 100% Electric. We will talk about it in this article, if you want to know more about the history of the combi click here!


An evolution towards the electric!

As previously mentioned, the BUZZ ID is a 100% Electric combi from Volkswagen. The announced range is 400 km, but plan instead between 350 and 360 km of range. Electricity is the current trend for many manufacturers, the ecological footprint is starting to worry the population and Volkswagen understands it.

So, after several electric models, the manufacturer has released the mythical 100% electric combi to escape in peace. More ecological and quiet driving are the strong points of this vehicle that breaks the codes of the vintage combi. This vehicle charges by braking, which allows it to recover a light mileage of autonomy.

To conclude, the maximum speed announced is 145km/h, it is better not to have the foot too heavy to continue driving in peace. The battery is recharged in 30 minutes on an ultra fast terminal of 5 to 80% with a power of 170Kw.The power is 204 hp for a consumption between 20.8 and 21.7 kWh/100km.

An electric vehicle is a combi!

Indeed, the test of the BUZZ ID combi took place for 25 minutes. The driving was simple and intuitive, a combi making no noise, it’s weird! Being in an electric combi is very interesting, we feel to be really disconnected world.

In addition, the effect of the road trip is indeed present, the interior of the vehicle is quite sober, a steering wheel and a central tablet to manage the whole vehicle. The combi is available in 5 seats with a seat of 3, placed in the center of the combi.

Moreover, everything is cared for for a make a pleasant and spacious trip. Some features of the vehicle could not be presented during the test.A smooth and pleasant driving with quite impressive acceleration for this type of vehicle is emphasized.

Finally, the electric combi still keeps the vintage style with the color biton that reminds us of the old Volkswagen.A combi like this is the new generation, but how far will it go?

A California style combi will be presented between 2025 and 2030, we expect more than to see it criss-crossing our roads!

We look forward to your feedback on this vehicle and your feedback.

By clicking here, you will find the technical data of the vehicle!

For all combi or van VW reservations click here!

We remain at your disposal for any questions!

The story of the Combi VW!

The story of the Combi VW!

From combi T1 to van T6, evolution!

Today we will discover together the journey of the combi since its creation has now through all the key dates of its history. You can learn more about this emblematic and atypical vehicle that runs on our European and international roads.

the start!

The suit was designed in 1947! inspired by the look of the Ladybug and used by workers of the Volkswagen factory to transport equipment, is crunched by Ben Pon, vehicle importer.

The CEO of Volkswagen, who loves this concept, will present it in 1950 at the Geneva Motor Show.

In 1951, Samba is presented: it will then be the first version of the Volkswagen combi. With its 21 windows and two-tone paint, it attracts the public. The success is there. The story of the iconic Combi VW begins.

Westfalia is part of the development of the combi, the German developer participates in the creation of the «motorhome» part. It was in 1951 that the outfitted suit was created after a request from a British officer to work and sleep indoors.

In 2003, Westfalia and Volkswagen split up. Volkswagen wanting to build their own suit. Nevertheless, Westfalia participated in the creation of the fitted combis.


The T1 Split, the first!

The split combi is the first to be marketed, recognizable with its split breeze it is so nicknamed, «Barndoor» synonymous with garage door. From 1951 to 1967 it is the flagship combi of the brand.

Since 1965 he sees himself stylized with a high-rise roof, it was the last style of the split combi!

The bay window says T2!

The new suit with its huge windshield is appreciated for the holidays and marks the rise of van holidays since 1980. One of the peculiarities of this combi is its you that can be raised over the entire length. The T2 will be modified three times between 1972 and 1974.

In 1974, the T2 was stylized again with the Malaga version, a wardrobe and a double bed appeared.

The 100,000 vehicle mark was exceeded in 1971.


T3 says Vanagon

It differs with its square shape, the combi advances with its time to give way to a diesel engine as well as the driver’s station more advanced than on the previous combis. Still below 2 meters, he will see two versions released, the 4×4 version and the joker!

This T3 also marks the California versions, requested by Volkswagen, Westfalia created a more basic version and has a more accessible price since 1988.

More than 150,000 copies have been sold since its launch. In 1990, the end of T3 is coming, it will have lasted 11 years from 1979 to 1990 with countless versions and adjustments.

The T4 from 1990 to 2003!

This famous combi marks a renewal in the combi, the engine goes forward, the windshield is more inclined as well as modern suspensions. With its size always less than two meters, it is smaller than its predecessors.

On the layout side, we see the appearance of a bench on rails, an electric fridge. Several versions come out such as «the highway» released in 500 copies. Biker 95 with his bike carrier.

The T5 ends with Westfalia!

The T5 begins in 2003 and ends in 2015. Indeed, Volkswagen designs its own combi. It improves over time and therefore has aluminum finishes, an electric roof and newer furniture. We will also see two folding armchairs.

The last little T6!

T6 is the last of the VW combi line. Built with time and more recent products, it is the big brother of the other combis. 3 versions have been released since 2015.

The Beach, Coast and Ocean versions, each with more options.


The end of the combi is never over…

Volkswagen will not stop there and is planning an electric T7 with 600 km of range, we will be eager to discover it and see what it is worth.


Do not hesitate to inform us of your return after renting one of our combis!

To visit the Volkswagen website click here!

To book click here!


Friendly Vintage Camper !


A T2 combi or a T6 van for the holidays!

A T2 combi or a T6 van for the holidays!



Do you hesitate to take a van during your holidays? You don’t know which one to take? Do not panic we advise you on your choice.

We will first analyze the vintage combi, the iconic Volkswagen combi that is back in fashion and then look at the T6 California, the last of the fitted vans.

The combi t2 camper, the emblematic of vintage combi!

The T2 Camper from Volkswagen is the combi by reference. Dating back to the 1970s, the T2 camper is known for its design and reliability at Volkswagen. Its vintage and retro style is appreciated by fans of unusual sensation.

Indeed, T2 camper is suitable for 4 people with 4 beds, thanks to the sofa bed and the hood that opens to get a double bed in height.

With its kitchen and its small sink of time the interior of the combi is in its juice with wood and a style that we all appreciate that make us recall some memories…

if you search for sensation at the driving levels , you won’t be to disappointed, with his wheel in his juice and his most driving speed of so lever you won’t regret to trying .

Finally, the T2 camper is easy to drive and especially simple enough to ride on all roads. Thanks to its height which is below 1.9m you can park on any parking lot.

If you want to go in a retro vehicle and in its juice, go and book it right here!


The T6 California, the comfort of the road!

the T6 California driving of Volkswagen is the last driving levels family. with his all comfor and his new style, you you be driving with joy..

In addition, its ease of driving is a big point, this van drives like a simple car and allows to park at any place thanks to its height of 1m8.

With its 4 beds and its hood that open electrically you will be reassured to spend the night. The layout is just perfect in terms of kitchen and storage.

Moreover, with this kind of 150-horsepower vehicle, the roads will no longer scare you. You can also stay a maximum of 3 days in the same place without problems.

We can also note all the amenities such as the awning available on some vehicles, the chairs as well as the outdoor table. The interior layout is designed for 4 people to live in. Everything is tidy and easily accessible without disturbing the proper functioning.

The sink and stove are also provided inside.

Equipped with air conditioning and heating, this T6 will have no secrets for you. To learn more about this vehicle click here.


Still hesitating between vintage and recent? Take both of them!

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our models and maybe rent with one of them!


Friendly Vintage Camper !

From combi to Graves wines!

From combi to Graves wines!




we you announce our participation at the open house of wines of Graves next weekend of 14 the 15 october 2022. M. LABUZAN we acept in castles of gravières/ Martignac.

the activities :

it is after a discussion that M. Labuzan and Vintageintage camper collaborate together for the first time for take discovery our cars and are enjoy dun idyllic setting for discovery the wines of Graves smoller all the activities significantly in arising from. the explications to M. Labuzan on the moments of harvest gonna love it at small and old.

concerned of style van life, the owner of area committed find of friends anything her coming with of vintage car significantly a shall be married certainly with our combi vintage. This old car club will also liven up all throughout the day.

You can also enjoy a walk of castles with of explications on the wineries. In so, you easily you eating thanks anything camper Food truc are plan you rest with a stand to welfare.

M.Labuzan being keen to sport, organize a walking tour around to it’s vineyards for small and old, the start a is out in area anything leaving to 9 h . L’ will be there you to spend a magical moment. You easily come see our cars smoller are to of area for discovery the wines of Graves.

the comments :

the words to M. Labuzan : « I like receive smoller take discovery of things, we want her this the open house remain familiar and with rent good atmosphere, i am happy that you participations »!

the words to Baptiste owner to vintage camper: being adept of wines of Graves, this just yout perfect for we. we have the same objectives, take discovery to news things!

The open doors of the castle will be from Saturday 14 October morning 9am to Sunday 15 October afternoon.

To discover the vineyard click here!

We are expecting many of you!

Friendly Vintage Camper

The T6 California a Van for your holidays!

The T6 California a Van for your holidays!


van t6 California furnished rental south west bordeaux

Looking for adventure smoller to discovery ? opt for the van T6 California Coast to of Volkswagen.

this Van california will be yout perfect friend for leaving in hollidays with the small smoller old. all of confortable and furnished the T6 California coast will have so to secret for you !

the Comfort in a van is possible!

despite camper more size, van significantly just yout perfect for all the roads. the T6 California just equipped with to as for leaving in hollidays. Équipped to the the gadgets for camper confortable fawless you will you in with so.


1) the equipment :

First, provide 4 beds, a double folding bed in the truck and the roof that rises to have a second double bed in the capsule that takes no place.

A capsule that rises for the sleeping place and to have more space when cooking or preparing in the truck.

interior t6 California rent gironde

In other, provided a 10L water tank you easily use it a fews days smoller are the it . via the areas to take a stop. a solar shower just provide anything you with rent température for for all shower in verry nature. front seats that significantly a turn for to in fuul advantage of truck spaces are planned.

an indoor table just anything will to forget for the the in meals when it rains we also find rent indoor smoller 4 outdoor chairs for the the small breakfast or the the in the nature.

In vintage camper

we provide the the ustensils to cook silverware, pans etc.a tap smoller rent hob to indeed spaces so smoller equipped the anything you. Equipped to usb connection smoller having electricity for a fews days without changing location you will tighten deconnected ..

intérior van t6 California location bordeaux

for , in van T6 California, it is indeed heating smoller equipped the fridge smoller camper or save the product planned for of hollidays to holidays .. In so several storages spaces are present in the the of to cabin.

2) the + of the vehicles:

Also, with rent height to 1.1m99 you easily pass anywhere or almost in Europe, compact smoller not very visible you will not risk anything aboard to van van california. Discreet smoller ready anything all the roads thanks anything its pound II will be your perfect ally for every road trip you plan.

Moreover, totally and anything board management of the vehicle on the tablet anything you you easily the it ..

cab t6 California van rent gironde

one of the big positives to van van just the rental to the a van significantly just than a anything camper van this van van just as well equipped and smoller so more possibilities so to differents to .. for rent a van click here

To learn more about our rentals and vans I let you visit our site

Vintage camper

t6 California van rent bordeaux

After this little description the T6 California Coast no longer scares you and waits for you to get it out of its comfort zone and make it travel!


Friendly Vintage Camper !

Advantages and disadvantages of a family lessor!

Advantages and disadvantages of a family lessor!


vintage camper combi split location bordeaux gironde

This week we wiil we at the on the advantages smoller the disadvantages of choosing a family ressort . to begin , a family lessor what is it ..

a renter considered as family just camper more renter significantly a grows thanks to the a earrings , to its regular customers and to the opinions of a restricted circle .

it is also camper renter significantly just closes to it’s customers smoller offerts of services personalized.

the advantages

enough to jokes we wiil you give the advantages to leaving with camper renter family : Above all camper renter family, does its job out of passion smoller we the is out to us indeedhe knows all these models by heart he takes care of every vehicle and every detail.

therefore it does not hesite to not so anything time of explain for we explain the detail.

In addition, a family lessor also offers lower prices or at the same level of its competitors. In addition it offers personalized services, different number of days and wants to benefit its customers.

The familiar renters do not hesitate to support each other, to pass the customers if need and so try to group to do to the bigger renters.


the positive point

Therefore opting for a van rental is the family side and explanation, the transmission of the van lifer passion and the cool aspect we propose.

The disadvantages may be in terms of availability or a family lessor has fewer vehicles than a major competitor. What’s harder to find for a van on a more specific date…

Moreover, the reputation of a small rental company is more complicated. Getting known is harder despite comments or reviews on the site. The referencing is more complicated what sins on the lessors little known.

Thus on some vehicles the prices can be above the market because the vehicle fleets are different and therefore less important.

We also note that on some competitors mileage or things related to vehicles change and are not similar between lessors.

Some large renters offer more attractive offers and small renters can’t keep up because of their small vehicle fleets.

Finally, the small renters are the most sought after for the family aspect as well as their knowledge of the product that remains their passion.


After all its details do not hesitate to choose family renters.

To visit our site click here


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5 reasons to choose a fitted van

5 reasons to choose a fitted van

The 5 reasons to choose a fitted van plus 2 bonus!

Here are our top 5 reasons to choose your van!

then go for it


  • 1) Feeling free… escape guaranteed.

When you leave with a van, your adventure will be breathtaking.

Better than a motorhome with all its features in a space designed for, the van will no longer scare you.

Thanks to its beds integrate into the roof, your alarm clock will be even prettier, seeing the landscape from your single bed.

Your adventure will continue with its autonomy in terms of battery or comfort. Go without taking the lead.


  • 2) Contact with nature, don’t hesitate.

The fitted van is closer to nature thanks to its side door on garlic that allows to open and have nature at your feet. Just like the raised roof that offers even more visibility directly into nature.

It also has a large rear door that can draw air and therefore feel the environment around us even better.

Thanks to this detail, the van has everything to make you live moments close to nature.



  • 3) Lightness and smooth handling.

The van drives like a car, it doesn’t take more space than a big SUV. This makes it more convenient to drive or park in some car parks.

Its size could refer to a small utility, which reassures inexperienced drivers.

  • 4) Be discreet

Thanks to its size this vehicle does not attract the attention of other passers-by, we do not know at first glance if it is a vehicle of tourism or leisure.

Its small size also allows to circulate in peace and so not to envy the envious.

  • 5) A price, a getaway

The price of renting a van is more interesting given its proposed formula and all the equipment inside.

One of its qualities is the inexpensive price, at vintage camper we offer you the fitted van T6 for a weekend at the price of 390 €.


the two bonuses …

  • 6) Short trips ….

The fitted van is the best option for a weekend or a week of vacation.

Thanks to its multiple storage spaces and its compact space, you think you’re stepping on it, which is not the case.

Completely autonomous in water and electricity it will delight the most adept or future van lifer.


  • 7) Its height is an important option

The height of the van is just perfect, it can go from anywhere, can park on any parking lot or almost.

Better organized and more compact than a motorhome, it will be your friend for all small excursions.

location van aménagé bassin d'arcachon



To see all our models click here!

We are waiting for you many at vintage camper!


Friendly Vintage Camper !

The 8 beaches to visit in the Southwest!

The 8 beaches to visit in the Southwest!


We invite you to visit our top 8 beaches of the South West not to be missed!

What to discover these places in van equipped!

  1. The southwest is famous for its beaches dedicated to surfing! Don’t worry, this one is made for small and big…. Between lazing and playing sports, everyone benefits.

    This beach considered one of the most beautiful in France will be perfect for swimmers with its moving waters.

    An ideal playground for children thanks to the proposed infrastructure, the snacks in the surroundings will be present for the little picnic moment feet in the water.

    For a night in this place, no panic, campsites and rest areas are located nearby to fully enjoy this Landes region.


2) Arcachon and its Moulleau beach!

Located a few steps from downtown Arcachon, this beach will surprise you!

This family beach is the perfect place to meet, from the beach, you can observe the magnificent dune of Pilat, learn to fish or swim in peace.

This little piece of paradise represents the beaches of the Atlantic coast, the nautical and natural activities are proposed all along.

Do not hesitate to rest and enjoy the fine sand of this beautiful beach!


3) Hourtin and its ocean beach!

Looking for a wild place? The ocean beach is perfect for you. Between pine forest and fine sand, this beach is just idyllic.

Experienced surfer or beginner gather to spend unique moments.

This sandy beach allows you to rediscover nature and enjoy the ocean 100%.

Access to the beach is simple and intuitive, showers are available throughout the beach.

Campsites or rest areas located nearby will be perfect for your moments of rest before continuing your journey.


4) A beach full of history in Naujac-sur-Mer!

This 5 km dry pine beach located between dune and pine forest will be an idyllic playground for young and old. The nature along the coast will make your moment even more charming.

Don’t forget to visit the colourful blockhouses reminiscent of the famous Atlantic wall during the war.

This beach is to visit absolutely to make the full resources. Between surfer and walker, it will be perfect for you.

5) Lespecier beach in Mimizan!

It is one of the wildest beaches in the resort. Located south of Mimizan, the beach has a desert aspect, the environment as well as the Sunday forest of Mimizan are present.

It is a supervised and optimized beach for people with reduced mobility. The toilet and toilet are there.

It is an accessible beach for cyclists, the parking being a 1 km this place keeps all its charm.


6) Contis-beach!

This beach known for being family friendly will be the perfect place for young and old.

A playground as well as a children’s club located on the beach allows children to have fun while parents enjoy the laziness of the beach.

To be very careful, some areas of the beach are forbidden to swim because of strong current.

Located a few steps from the center of Contis, this beach that extends over 5 km will surprise you.

The sanitary facilities are present as well as access to persons with reduced mobility. This sandy beach is a must-see in the region.


7) A unique beach has kept to itself, that of Bidart!

The beach of the Royal Bidart Pavilion, which extends over a kilometre, is a haven of peace.

Not far from Biarritz, this beach little known by the public and much less frequented by tourists will be just ideal to rest and regain strength.

Access is only on foot and therefore remains a family beach. This beach has toilets, shower and remains monitored from mid-June to mid-September.

The quality of the waves remains just super thanks to the low attendance. Feel free to take a walk and enjoy!


8) horserider beach in Anglet

This southwest beach known for its large jetties will give a smile to all surfers.

Also, this beach offers a multitude of activities, such as tree climbing, golf etc. …

For surfing enthusiasts, some competitions are to be observed throughout the year on the beach.

The seaside resort of Anglet allows to discover the Basque Country and rest while tasting the local products of this relaxing place.



The last beach we propose is just beautiful, it is the one of Cenitz near Guéthary.

This beach finally this cove earlier is the perfect place to rest and thus fully enjoy nature.

We let you judge for yourself, we don’t want to say too much…


From now on you have all the possibilities to enjoy your holiday or weekend.

These beaches are all to be done in van, the rental is done directly via the link by clicking here!

We wish you all the best and see you soon at Vintage Camper!


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Is renting before buying a good idea?

Is renting before buying a good idea?


Today we ask ourselves the following question: Is renting a T6 van before buying a better idea?

Our tips for renting and then buying a Van T6.

First of all, for a new Van Lifer, the goal is to discover by being reassured in the driving and space of the vehicle, especially the T6.

The rental allows to acclimatize to the environment and the driving of the vehicle. It also makes it possible to discover and take the time to find the small objects that compose it and to get an idea of the type of driving, of space.

Renting allows you to use a vehicle at a lower cost to get your hands on and discover before you pass the bottom to be the owner of the vehicle.

When renting a T6 several things are to be observed and judged by yourself, the explanations of the provider are otherwise noted. It will give you advice on the adopted driving, the small worries that can be encountered during the stay and the things to put in place to have good road conditions.

When you opt for rental instead of purchase, you have the advantage of not having to pay maintenance fees. In particular, this means that if you have a breakdown problem, it is up to the provider to manage the situation. You will not run the risk that the adventure will end overnight. Similarly, you will not need to take out insurance (apart from that of the rental contract). As you can see, renting a fitted van has as many advantages as disadvantages. Finally, the rental is mainly for people who plan to leave only for a few days and discover unforgettable sensations and make discoveries.


Discover the T6 vans and testimonials

The van rental is for the discovery before embarking on the adventure and the purchase of it.

For comfort and peace of mind, the Volkswagen Transporter 6 is the right compromise to go on an adventure and enjoy life in a van.

The Transporter 6 a van to discover then do not hesitate!

To have more information do not hesitate to visit the forums to get the opinion of some people, click here.


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Do not hesitate to give us a feedback or a testimony on your experience!

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6 places to sleep in Van in the South West!

6 places to sleep in Van in the South West!


Are you looking for places to stay in a Van or a suit? We offer 5 sites in the South West region not to be missed…

  1. The area of the castle Arnaud de Jaquemeau in the heart of the vineyards with your van!

Less than 2 kilometres from the centre of Saint-Emilion, whose stones alone are worth a visit, the Château Arnaud de Jacquemeau opens the doors of its farm (in organic farming). Once you have parked your motorhome with a view of the vineyards, you will be able to refine your taste buds during a tasting of Bordeaux wines in the steps of the owner himself (on request). On the one hand an authentic and family atmosphere are guaranteed. therefore, to avoid traffic jams, remember to book! 8 locations are possible on site, what better to come with friends. In addition a visit and tasting of 2h30 are present. Finally, the toilets and water point are on site 2€ for 24h for electricity to pay upon arrival.

  • Adress : Jaquemeau 2, 33330 Saint-Émilion
  • phone : 05 57 24 73 09

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2) The municipal area of Saint-Dizant-du-Gua for a peaceful night in a van in the Charente-Maritime!

A vast meadow, a lot of space to park (a luxury), a green setting with a small village (with a grocery store in the immediate vicinity) for scenery where the river flows… The motorhome area of Saint-Dizan-du-Gua, on the road to Royan, has all the equipment to pass one (or more!). Why not take advantage of being at the dock to see its 15th century castle with its magnificent gardens and set off on the wooded paths that lead to the Blue Fountains, a vast expanse of natural springs with amazing reflections. Finally friends camping-caristes, if you are looking for peace, you will find it here! the number of pitches is 25 and open year-round to enjoy in all seasons of the year. Water and electricity are 2€.

  • Adress : 4 Rue du Pérat, 17240 Saint-Dizant-du-Gua
  • phone : 05 46 49 96 19

3) Brantome municipal area in the heart of the Périgord!

Want tranquility by the river, in a peaceful village with incomparable charm? Brantôme, the Venice of the Périgord in the heart of the Dronne Valley, is the ideal place for a temporary stop of a few hours or longer of a handful of days (7 maximum). Then, why not take advantage of being nearby to visit the castles of the Dordogne. Its area is well landscaped, close to the town center. You can have a coffee or an ice cream under the shade of trees and shrubs. Before going to discover the beauties of this medieval city with narrow cobbled streets that lead to the imposing abbey on the cliff side. To remember: the number of pitches is 80, the price: Parking: 7.60 euros (October to May), 8.10 euros (from 1 June to 30 September). Package 5 hours: 1 euro. A maximum duration of parking: 7 days, access to the water point is 2 euros. access to the drain point: free. Tourist information panels on the site. WIFI Access and Disabled Access.

  • Adress : chemin du Vert Galant, 24310 Brantôme-en-Périgord
  • phone : 05 53 05 70 21Aire de Camping Car BrantômeBrantôme Motorhome Area

4) The area of the camper contis between pine forest and ocean perfect for a night in a van!

In the Landes there are plenty of rest and quality areas for motorhomes. Thus at the foot of the arenas, as in Azur or Pomarez. In the duck farms of Chalosse. And those, of course, feet in the water, hands in the sand and head under the pines. As on the area of Contis, at the foot of the eponymous lighthouse, just behind the dune. From the parking lot, you can hear the ocean. We love this corner for the spirit of freedom that reigns there, less crowded than the beaches of the coast further south (even if in high season, you may have neighbors). A wild side in the middle of the pines. If you love freedom, you will be served.

  • Adress : avenue du Phare, 40170 Contis Plage
  • phone : 05 58 42 80 08Contis motorhome area


5) Lake Mimizan, a quiet and relaxing place in the south west!

If you want to park your truck fitted out by a lake in Mimizan in the Landes. Nice place with a large lake, small bridge, children’s play, toilets, drinking water… it’s quiet and it’s good. Spending the night is free and allowed and animals are accepted, besides many walkers come with their dog. To continue, all day fishermen come to test the fish. And apparently it bites! So if you’re a fishing enthusiast, feel free to take your rod out here. You will also be able to see a flowering garden that is ranked #1 in the activities to do around the corner by Trip Advisor… that is to say. Indeed, a small ballad of about 15 minutes very nice. The setting is pretty and there are all kinds of beautiful plants.

Adress : 34 Avenue du Lac, 40200 MimizanSleep in Mimizan in the Landes in a van fitted out by a lake

6) A place to sleep in van opt for the natural area Lafargue of the port in Biscarosse!

Located in the district of Mayotte this camping area with its 17 pitches is the ideal place for campers looking for nature and peace. A few hundred meters, find the lake where you can fish, boat, water skiing… In addition, the ocean at 7 km will allow you to practice surfing, or simply relax enjoying the beaches of fine sand.

adress : 1674 chemin de Mayotte, Biscarrosse lac

05 58 78 74 58 Afficher l’image source

We wish you a happy journey to all our fans of discovery and Van!

Do not hesitate to give us feedback on your spots or sleep or on the places we recommend!

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